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"I was able to make more realistic, attainable, and relevant goals that would help me with my future."

"The workshop also helped me to realize that there are many different paths I can take to reaching my end goal and I don't need to feel pressure to take the same path as other people."

"Overall, the maps and the parent family exercise helped me the most. I think talking openly with your parents, even if they aren’t in the industry you want to be in is very helpful. They can give you a lot of insight on how they got to where they are. It made me feel a lot better about my journey knowing there is no one way to do anything."

"My biggest takeaway was that my college experience so far had actually earned me a lot more transferable skills than that I'm aware of."

"While I was aware I had a solid foundation in terms of where'd I want to be in the future, all the modules enabled me to correct and reinforce the places I wasn't sure of."